Who We Are

What makes TESS different to other consultancies?

Why choose TESS Development Advisors?

TESS Development Advisors understands what it takes to get things done in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary projects. Understanding context is at the heart of our work. The advantages of this approach are reflected in our success stories, which include detailed technical dossiers and high level policy change campaigns.
Our clients expect practical and sustainable solutions. We deliver these, through personalised support in purpose-built teams. Our unique value is based on our ability to combine technical excellence with a nuanced approach to cultural, organisational and sectoral dynamics.

What we offer

We offer a range of services in development and global health, including:

  • Consultations & Advocacy
  • Market Dynamics & Product Launch
  • Maternal & Child Health
    TESS Development Advisors draws on 20 years experience in Europe and Africa.

    Who we are

    TESS works with a small core staff, bringing in different experts based on the specific project need. This allows us to adapt our approach for each client. By tailoring our team to your needs, we can maintain low overhead costs, ensure quality control and provide the best experts to address your specific issues.

    TESS’ Executive Director, Renia Coghlan, was previously Director of Market Intelligence at Medicines for Malaria Venture, building new initiatives in market dynamics. Renia has experience working with and for NGOs, the private sector, foundations, Ministries of Health and International Organisations.

    Her experience ranges from the analysis of market dynamics and strategic advisory roles, to technical programme implementation, as well as advocacy and campaigning. With a wide-ranging skill set and a strong network, Renia is well placed to pull together the best teams for different project needs.

    Our vision, our values

    TESS Development Advisors emphasises technical excellence, mutual respect and integrity.

    TESS works through partnership, supporting our vision of achieving mutually beneficial outcomes through technically sound collaborations.

    Our values guide the approach to each collaboration or service provision we undertake:

  • Technical Excellence
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Respect
  • Integrity

    Renia Coghlan  Executive Director, TESS Development Advisors Photo credit: Renia Coghlan

    Renia Coghlan
    Executive Director, TESS Development Advisors
    Photo credit: Renia Coghlan

    «TESS Development Advisors show an uncanny ability to identify bottlenecks and propose simple solutions that would go a long way to improve the situation a resource-poor setting. This insight consistently helps to recognize which investments are likely to bring results»

    Mr George Jagoe, Executive VP Access & Product Management, Medicines for Malaria Venture

    «Collaboration with TESS Development Advisors is based on mutual respect, professional integrity and understanding. They bring to the fore a passion to understand local dynamics and an appreciation of cultural differences. In my 20 years of knowing the Executive Director, I have witnessed her long-term commitment for change and continued improvement. This is not a fly-in-fly-out mentality»

    Mr Jimmy Kawaye, Programme Coordinator Development Effectiveness and Accountability Programme – Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, Malawi

    «Renia Coghlan has been a key player in the collaboration between ZAMRA-MMV-IMS Health to understand the national pharmaceuticals market. Her vision and passion have been essential to the success of this project»

    Ms Esnart Mwape, Director General, Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority