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WHO Explores R&D and Medicines Pricing

8 juil 2016 | Under Information | Posted by

Addressing global, national or local health priorities requires us to be able to identify, count and diagnose diseases, prevent these whenever possible, treat those affected and prevent disease transmission to those who may be exposed. This requires a full functioning health system to be in place.

For the treatment of disease, this also requires a good understanding of each disease’s transmission and progression, and the development of tools to prevent these. Pharmaceutical R&D plays an important role in the development of new medicines for treating many diseases across the world.

The funding of medical and medicines research and development have long been a discussion in the health field, notably as more expensive treatments become available to treat different diseases. Affordability of healthcare is an issue which all countries face, from the highest income countries of the world to the lowest.

In this respect, the World Health Organisation has recognised the importance of access to health services and essential medicines, through the development of a model essential medicines list and its recent work to ensure that universal healthcare remains a priority everywhere. The issue of affordability of medicines and the cost of development of new medicines is also an issue.

Two recent articles by senior WHO staff provide a summary of recent WHO thinking in this area: one by Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General at WHO, entitled A Comprehensive And Fair Solution To The Price Of Medicines, the other an interview with Sue Hill, Director of the Essential Medicines and Health Products Department at WHO, on the same issues.