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Kenya introduces new Child-Friendly TB medicines

27 sept 2016 | Under News | Posted by

The TB Alliance and the Ministry of Health of Kenya are pleased to announce that Kenya has become the first country to introduce new specially formulated and adapted paediatric medicines for the treatment of TB. See the text of the TB Alliance press release below. TESS Development Advisors worked with the TB Alliance in the […]

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Assessing markets for new paediatric TB medicines

14 oct 2015 | Under News | Posted by

TESS Development Advisors is pleased to share the the results of our study on paediatric TB markets. The article « Understanding Market Size and Reporting Gaps for Paediatric TB in Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan: Supporting Improved Treatment of Childhood TB in the Advent of New Medicines” by Renia Coghlan, Elizabeth Gardiner, Farhana Amanullah, Chikwe Ihekweazu, Rina […]

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Talking about Women, Children, Adolescents and Health…

7 mai 2015 | Under Consultations, News | Posted by

The first African regional consultation meeting on the new Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent Health took place in Johannesburg on 6-7 May 2015, with stakeholders from across the continent coming together to share experiences, expectations and success stories. A summary of the proceedings can be found here. To have your say on the […]

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How much childhood TB is treated in the private sector? The Union Conference 2014

31 oct 2014 | Under News | Posted by

The Union conference brings together experts in the TB and Lung Health sectors. This year, absorbing the energizing sea air in Barcelona, the Union’s annual gathering focused increasingly on the previously neglected area of childhood TB. Fundamental to the challenge of improving treatment for childhood TB are three components: identifying the numbers of children affected, […]

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Toolkit to Combat Childhood TB

20 sept 2014 | Under News | Posted by

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) have released a training toolkit to improve detection and management of childhood TB. Childhood TB has long been a neglected disease, due in part to the challenges of diagnosing and correctly treating it in the face of limited diagnostic and […]

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500 Days to Reach the MDGs

18 août 2014 | Under News | Posted by

Today, August 18th 2014 marks 500 days left to reach the millennium development goals – the MDGs. Many countries have made great strides in tacking key health and development issues. 57 countries are now well on their way to controlling malaria in ways which were unimaginable just 15 years ago. However, much still remains to […]

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Estimating the Burden of Paediatric TB

9 juil 2014 | Under News | Posted by

A new study co-authored by TESS Development Advisors’ Executive Director was published today in the Lancet Global Health. The study presents new information on the estimated global burden of paediatric TB, based on mathematical modeling. Results indicate that the burden of childhood TB is important, requiring further attention from the global public health community. The […]

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Workshop on Logistics Management Information Systems

12 mai 2014 | Under News | Posted by

164 participants – representing 28 countries and 40 partners – joined forces last week in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) to share knowledge and experiences for strengthening logistics management information systems (LMIS). The workshop organized by the Roll Back Malaria, the Global Fund and the Stop TB Partnership provided a forum for national delegations and partners to […]

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WHO – New Guidance for the Management of TB in Children

10 avr 2014 | Under Information, News | Posted by

The World Health Organization has just published its new Guidance for National Tuberculosis Programmes on the Treatment of TB in Children. This guidance updates the previous edition, published in 2006 and provides recommendations on the management of children with TB, based on the latest evidence available. These new Guidelines are part of a welcome move […]

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World TB Day, 24th March

24 mar 2014 | Under Information | Posted by

As the world celebrates World TB Day on 24th March, the Lancet has published a special edition highlighting some of the many issues, challenges and developments in this area. For further information, see the Lancet Tuberculosis 2014 edition. The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development is working to address the gap in R&D and access […]

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