Supporting Funding Initiatives

An external view on funding proposals

Refining targeted funding approaches

Identifying and managing external funding is a key challenge in the life of many development-focused organisations. Ensuring the steady flow of income to support programme implementation is a must for all skilled managers. It may be beneficial, therefore, to have an external advisor when defining and preparing funding strategies. TESS has worked with a number of small organisations to do just this: providing an independent view and a fresh eye on funding proposals.
Developing a successful funding proposal is a mix of long-term investment, clear strategy, strong communication skills and sometimes a hint of luck. A good proposal communicates the organisation’s goals and project objectives in line with the donor’s priorities.
TESS Development Advisors does not carry out full fund-raising activities on behalf of clients, but offers a strategic support function. This includes:

  • supporting organisations in the definition of their funding needs
  • analysis of policy trends and guidance on mainstreaming initiatives with these
  • external review and assessment of funding proposals written by clients
    TESS Development Advisors has supported clients by reviewing funding proposals across a number of different disciplines including market analysis, nutrition, early childhood development and access to medicines interventions.

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