Strategy Development

Supporting clients to develop, frame and promote new strategies

Framing and drafting new strategies

TESS Development Advisors has supported several clients to develop new strategies and business plans
A well presented Strategic Plan serves as an important consensus document, outlining the key issues facing an organisation and offers partners a clear path forward to address these. A Strategic Plan is an advocacy tool, a fundraising support and a rallying cry for stakeholders.
The process of strategy development draws on a range of different skills which we offer at TESS Development Advisors: it requires an understanding of the core technical issues, an ability to elicit and synthesise information, convening of stakeholder consultations and online surveys, writing and editing skills, as well as the ability to present the information in a coherent, accessible manner.
Ensuring wide consultation prior to the full development or implementation of a strategy is a critical stage to ensure buy-in and understanding of the strategy, especially where multiple stakeholders from different backgrounds or constituencies are involved. Higher levels of partner engagement in the strategy development process allows the integration of new perspectives and smooths the way to strategy implementation.

TESS has supported the following organisations to draft new multi-annual strategies:

  • support for the PMNCH advocacy strategy to promote newborn, child, adolescent and women’s health
  • drafting the Roll Back Malaria Partnership strategic plan 2017-2020
    Our support includes:

  • evidence review and technical analysis
  • priority definition and strategic framing
  • stakeholder consultations
  • online surveys, data analysis, reporting
  • drafting, revision and editing the strategy
  • organising and facilitating strategy promotional events

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    Roll Back Malaria Partnership

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