Stakeholder Consultations

Supporting Strategy and SDG Consultations

Facilitating Stakeholder Input into New Strategies and Initiatives

TESS Development Advisors has supported several clients to carry out partnership consultations. These include initiatives to provide inputs to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) process, SDG national implementation, the development of a new organisational multi-year strategy or the roll out of strategic plans.
Ensuring wide consultation prior to the full development or implementation of a strategy is a critical stage to ensure buy-in and understanding of the strategy, especially where multiple stakeholders from different backgrounds or constituencies are involved. Higher levels of partner engagement in the strategy development process allows the integration of new perspectives and smooths the way to strategy implementation.
Examples of consultation processes which TESS has supported include:

  • consultation with African business leaders on the SDG process
  • stakeholder consultation on a new 5-year strategy for a global organisation
  • consultation and training of national stakeholders on new data to guide policy review
    TESS support for partnership consultations includes:

  • assisting clients to focus the consultation process
  • identifying priority stakeholders
  • preparing meeting agendas and content
  • organising pre-meeting surveys
  • organising and facilitating consultation events
  • analysing feedback and reporting on results
    We have supported consultations at global, regional, national and organisational levels.

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