Simplifying Operational M&E

Supporting the M&E plan for a new organisational strategy

Developing a new Organisational M&E Plan

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a central pillar of all management practices. When an organisation develops a new strategy, it will also logically review and update its M&E plan. This ensures not only that the new targets and indicators are aligned to the new strategy, but also that the information systems are in place to gather relevant data.
As the world focuses increasingly neglected diseases, most notably those affecting middle- and low-income countries, there is an urgent need for improved diagnostic as well as treatment solutions. Good diagnosis is at the heart of good medicine. The development of simple, acceptable diagnostic tools is critical for achieving progress in the fight against many major health burdens including TB and malaria. Such tools are also essential to complete international goals to rid the world of many neglected tropical diseases.
FIND plays a unique role in this process, developing and supporting the role out of a range of innovative diagnostic supports. As new technological breakthroughs offer opportunities to develop simple, accessible diagnostic tools, FIND has revised and strengthened its pipeline and organisational structures. This included developing a new internal organisational M&E plan, to support pipeline management and cross-functional efficiency. By improving the transmission of information across different therapeutic areas and approaches, FIND creates further synergies to speed up the development of new diagnostics.
TESS has supported FIND in simplifying and structuring its internal M&E systems. Activities included:

  • Stakeholder consultation to identify M&E bottlenecks
  • Assessment of existing M&E tools
  • Development of a simple new project tracking tool
  • Support FIND staff to review priorities and present information
    The process and tool proposed focused on addressing the client’s key needs: improving the M&E reporting process, without overburdening a limited, highly technical and dedicated staff with excessive paperwork.

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