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A new approach to understanding pharmaceutical markets in Africa

Measuring Pharmaceutical Markets in Africa

Access to and availability of essential medicines has long been identified as a public health priority by the World Health Organization and its Member States. Information on pharmaceuticals can be used for policy development and policy monitoring; patient safety; budgeting and financial reporting; to ensure security of supply; and to support investments.
However, unlike in many countries, comprehensive data on national medicines markets are not readily available across much of Africa . While many actors have concentrated on understanding bottlenecks down the supply chain, few have concentrated on measuring total market supply across public and private sectors. It is clear, though, that such bottlenecks may be highly impacted by decisions on the amount and choices of product available at import or local production – i.e. the national market size and structure.
With a better understanding of national pharmaceuticals markets, national actors – led by Ministries of Health – can ensure that critical pharmaceutical and public health policies make use of reliable, up-to-date evidence. TESS Development Advisors is working in partnership MMV in a uniquely innovative approach to measure national pharmaceutical markets in Africa.
This partnership has led to a successful demonstration of the approach and the benefits of a comprehensive and systematic national monitoring system, in collaboration with the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Health of Zambia. A partnership has also been undertaken in Uganda, and further collaborations are currently being explored.

«Renia Coghlan has been a key player in the collaboration between ZAMRA-MMV-IMS Health to understand the national pharmaceuticals market. Her vision and passion have been essential to the success of this project»

Ms Esnart Mwape, Former Director General, Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority

Project Details

Medicines for Malaria Venture, IMS Health, ZAMRA, NDA Uganda

Training on Zambia pharmaceuticals database Photo credit: Renia Coghlan

Training on Zambia pharmaceuticals database
Photo credit: Renia Coghlan

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