Pediatric TB Medicines

Preparing the launch of new pediatric TB Medicines

Market Analysis for New Pediatric TB Medicines

The challenges of diagnosing and treating childhood TB – with limited diagnostic tools and a lack of adapted pediatric medicines – have left significant gaps in the correct treatment of pediatric TB. There are an estimated 530,000 new cases of pediatric TB each year, and up to 74,000 child deaths recorded to TB in 2012 alone.
The difficulties in diagnosis are further compounded by limited reporting of pediatric TB cases in many countries. The consequences lead not only to challenges in understanding the real burden of disease, but also in limiting incentives for manufacturers to enter this market.
The TB Alliance/WHO STEP-TB programme aims to address key market and regulatory issues for both current first-line pediatric TB medicines and new TB drugs scheduled for launch. As part of this, TESS is supporting a range of activities to understand the future market dynamics for new pediatric TB drugs currently in development.
Activities included:

  • A survey on current policy and practice of the treatment of pediatric TB in high burden countries
  • A mathematical model to estimate disease burden (led by University of Sheffield & Imperial College London)
  • Assessment of treatment practices for pediatric TB in Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa
  • A literature review on the role of the private sector in treating pediatric TB
    The information generated will contribute to ensuring that correctly dosed, properly formulated, first line TB drugs become available to children.

    «TESS provided excellent support to the start-up phase of the TB Alliance’s pediatric TB project, STEP TB. Under considerable time pressure, Renia was able to apply her thorough knowledge of malaria market dynamics to assess the TB market. Her work helped to ensure that the project had valuable market data already in time for a global consultation meeting»

    Ms Elizabeth Gardiner, former Vice President Market Access, The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

    «TESS Advisors has been instrumental in the successful launch and subsequent progress of our pediatric initiative, specifically, with our efforts to understand the size and location of the market for childhood tuberculosis. The ability of TESS to bring in relevant experience and knowledge of markets and product uptake considerations allowed us to better shape and focus our research»

    Dr Cherise Scott, Director Pediatrics Program, The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

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