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Developing new approaches to finance healthcare in rural Malawi

Building a new community hospital in rural Malawi

Access to healthcare services is essential wherever one lives. In some cases, a delay in getting to a clinic may mean the difference between life and death. Across the world, populations in rural areas face particular challenges in this regard.
Misuku Hills is a very rural community in Chitipa District, the far-most northern part of Malawi. While the cool, hilly, remote area provides an excellent environment for coffee farming, the nature of the terrain also makes access to major health facilities very difficult.
The goal of this farming community is to improve their access to healthcare. The local population expressed a need for a new community-based hospital. The local coffee cooperative, to which many of the local families are affiliated, has identified an opportunity to define and buy services through a collective health insurance scheme, thus giving them more control over the provision of services to meet their healthcare needs.
Working with Wezi Health Systems Services, the local community defined their most pressing needs and identified a means of ensuring financial sustainability. TESS Development Advisors provided support in framing and articulating the need, and prepared funding applications for the small capital funds required to establish the hospital.
In an area with limited obstetric care, a clinic of this kind serving community of 40,000 people could contribute to saving the lives of up to 15 mothers and their newborns each year.

«TESS Development Advisors supported Wezi Health Systems Services, a Malawian NGO, in developing a strategic plan and funding application for a new community hospital in Chitipa District, Malawi. This support has been invaluable in defining the framework for long term sustainability. It has been a pleasure working with them»

Dr Douglas Lungu, Managing Director, WHSS, Malawi

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Photo Credit: Douglas Lungu

Photo Credit: Douglas Lungu