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Understanding market dynamics in low- & middle-income countries

Technical expertise in a range of key areas

Our advice is based on an ability to combine technical excellence with a nuanced approach to cultural, organisational and sectoral dynamics. An experienced technical expert understands both their sphere of work as well as the opportunities or constraints which will impact on it.
Being able to call on the right people, with proven experience, is essential to success. Are you looking for someone with experience in access to medicines in Africa? Or to carry out a landscaping process prior to a product launch? Or perhaps to undertake a stakeholder mapping prior to ensure maximum public health impact of new products?
TESS Development Advisors builds on 20 years experience in Europe & Africa. TESS’ collaborators all have a strong track record in their field of excellence. They bring a commitment to quality, integrity and collaborative approaches, helping you optimise the impact of your development partnerships.
Let us provide the technical expertise you need.

What can our clients expect?

  • Market dynamics assessments
  • Pharmaceutical launch planning
  • Pharmaceutical market analysis
  • Market research
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    With better understanding of national pharmaceuticals markets, national actors – led by Ministries of Health – can ensure that critical pharmaceutical and public health policies make use of reliable, up-to-date evidence.
    TESS is working with Medicines for Malaria Venture and others to develop new methods of measuring pharmaceutical markets in Africa.
    For more information, see the case study on pharmaceutical markets in Africa

    Photo credit: shutter stock

    Photo credit: shutter stock

    Access to medicines is a core area of expertise at TESS Development Advisors. We are interested in how the public and private sectors for medicines interact and complement each other with a particular focus on measuring total pharmaceutical markets.
    We work with donors, commercial companies, development partners and investors to understand national market dynamics, supply of essentials medicines, specific market segments and major policy trends such as developments relating to local manufacturing in Africa.
    For more information, see the case study on Market Dynamics and Product Launch

    Challenges of diagnosing & treating childhood TB, with limited diagnostic tools and a lack of adapted pediatric medicines, resulted in an estimated 74,000 child deaths in 2012 and 530,000 new cases among children under 15.
    TESS has worked with the TB Alliance to measure the market potential for new pediatric TB drugs which are currently under development. The information generated contributes to ensuring that correctly dosed, properly formulated, first line TB drugs become available to pediatric patients.
    For more information, see the case study on pediatric TB medicines

    Photo credit: John-Michael Maas

    Photo credit: John-Michael Maas

    Access to essential medicines, and particularly access to services for maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health is a key area of interest to us at TESS.
    Based on our experience in assessing public and private sector medicines supply, we supported DfID’s work to ensure sufficient supplies of essential medicines for maternal and child health in Sierra Leone.
    For more information, see the case study on Access to Essential Medicines

    Accurate demand forecasting for essential medicines is a key part of ensuring access to appropriate treatment when it is needed.
    TESS is providing support to a collaboration which generates quarterly demand forecasts on antimalarial medicines, rapid diagnostic tests for malaria and artesminin (the API for recommended first line malaria treatments in Africa). This work is led by the Clinton Health Access Initiative – CHAI – in collaboration with IMS Health, UCSF and TESS Development Advisors. The work is commissioned by UNITAID.
    For more information, see the case study on Demand Forecasting

    «Renia Coghlan of TESS Development Advisors is highly experienced and understands national pharmaceutical markets. Because of this, she is able to provide insight into how to deliver medicines to the African continent. Her hard work on these issues has a good record of results»

    Dr J Carl Craft, CEO Aquarius Biotechnologies, Inc. and former CSO Medicines for Malaria Venture

    «Renia Coghlan has been a key player in the collaboration between ZAMRA-MMV-IMS Health to understand the national pharmaceuticals market. Her vision and passion have been essential to the success of this project»

    Ms Esnart Mwape, Director General, Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority

    TESS provided excellent support to the start-up phase of the TB Alliance’s pediatric TB project, STEP TB. Under considerable time pressure, Renia was able to apply her thorough knowledge of malaria market dynamics to assess the TB market. Her work, which began in June 2013, helped to ensure that the project had valuable market data already in time for a September 2013 meeting

    Elizabeth Gardiner, Vice President Market Access, Global Alliance for TB Drug Development