Maternal and Child Health

Helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through healthy families

Building a healthy future, with healthy children

Investing in child health is an investment for the future
TESS Development Advisors believes that maternal and child health is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Healthy mothers, raising healthy children, are the cornerstone of all societies.
A key to our success is being able to put the right partners in touch, helping them develop and implement mutually beneficial collaborations.
Once you have defined what you want to achieve in your strategic goals, and how you will achieve this with technical excellence, you need to know who to partner with.

What can our clients expect?

  • Framing and defining collaborations
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Review of maternal and child health programmes
  • Initiatives to access maternal and paediatric medicines
  • Project management
  • See examples of our work

    TESS Development Advisors assisted WHSS in their aim of building a new community hospital in the rural Chitipa District of Malawi.
    A local clinic of this kind could save up to 15 mothers and their newborns each year.
    For more information, please see the case study on access to healthcare

    Access to essential medicines, and particularly access to services for maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health is a key area of interest to us at TESS.
    Based on our experience in assessing public and private sector medicines supply, we supported DfID’s work to ensure sufficient supplies of essential medicines for maternal and child health in Sierra Leone.
    For more information, see the case study on Access to Essential Medicines

    Photo credit: Misia Coghlan

    Photo credit: Misia Coghlan

    «TESS Development Advisors supported Wezi Health Systems Services, a Malawian NGO, in developing a strategic plan and funding applications for a new community hospital in Chitipa District, Malawi. This support has been invaluable in defining the framework for long term sustainability. It has been a pleasure working with them»

    Dr Douglas Lungu, Managing Director, WHSS, Malawi