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Improving information collection systems on essential medicines

24 mai 2014 | Under News | Posted by

The World Health Assembly, at the annual meeting of World Health Organization Member States, have adopted an updated resolution (ref A67/B/CONF./6) on access to essential medicines. Access to essential medicines has long been supported by WHO as a key principle of ensuring access to quality health services.

The new Resolution urges Member States to, among other things « systematize information collection and strengthen monitoring mechanisms, in order to better detect and understand the causes of essential medicines shortages, and to develop strategies to prevent and mitigate the associated problems and risk caused by shortages ».

TESS Development Advisors is supporting Medicines for Malaria Venture, IMS Health and national health authorities to do just this, in a highly innovative approach to providing a comprehensive and systematic measure of national medicines markets. Such data can be used for policy development and policy monitoring; patient safety; budgeting and financial reporting; to ensure security of supply; and to support investments in pharmaceutical production.

For more information on this project, please see our case study on measuring pharmaceutical markets in Africa.