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Exploring Pharmaceutical Market Dynamics in Africa

26 août 2014 | Under News | Posted by

TESS Development Advisors’ Executive Director, Renia Coghlan, had the pleasure of joining fellow experts in the pharmaceutical industry at a specialist symposium organized by IMS Health to explore opportunities and challenges for improving market data in Africa.

Building on her considerable experience in the malaria field, Renia shared ideas on how this previously neglected field has put in place a number of initiatives to address gaps in market data. As a lead strategist behind the MMV-IMS initiative to measure national pharmaceutical markets in Africa; primary investigator in the first antimalarials market studies in Africa; a lead author on the first assessment of how rapid diagnostic test (RDT) scale up would affect demand for artemisinin combination therapy (ACT); assessor and steering committee member of the ACT Watch initiative; former member of UNITAID’s ACT Demand Forecast advisory group; and involvement in the AMFm, Renia’s experience in monitoring trends for antimalarials in Africa has covered considerable ground, always focused on finding ways to improve market data.

A panel of experts from Broadreach Healthcare, IMS Health, the Metanoia Consulting group (which has provided technical advice for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa), Mezzanine Ware, TESS Development Advisors and Quintiles debated with senior pharmaceutical industry executives to understand the implications that data gaps currently have in addressing healthcare needs in Africa, and how these may be addressed.

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