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Progress in TB Drug Development

11 oct 2017 | Under News | Posted by

Another piece of exciting news on the TB medicines pipeline published this week by the TB Alliance at the annual ‘Union’ Conference. The full text of the TB Alliance press release is reproduced below, and more information is available from the TB Alliance at TB Alliance Moves Two Novel Tuberculosis Drugs into Human Trials […]

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Kenya introduces new Child-Friendly TB medicines

27 sept 2016 | Under News | Posted by

The TB Alliance and the Ministry of Health of Kenya are pleased to announce that Kenya has become the first country to introduce new specially formulated and adapted paediatric medicines for the treatment of TB. See the text of the TB Alliance press release below. TESS Development Advisors worked with the TB Alliance in the […]

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Call for Experts – Vector Control

22 août 2016 | Under Information | Posted by

The World Health Organisation is looking for experts to support the work of its Vector Control Advisory Group, with specific focus on new vector control tools. This includes experts focused on scientific, operational and policy aspects of including medical entomology and vector control. CVs and cover letters should be sent to The deadline for […]

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WHO Pre-Qualification of Maternal Health Supplies

16 août 2016 | Under News | Posted by

Maternal mortality remains a major challenge for the global health community. Pregnancy and childbirth sadly too often result in danger to the mother or newborn in many countries around the world. Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia are high among the risks faced by pregnant women, responsible for up to 15% of maternal deaths worldwide each year. And […]

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WHO recommends new TB test

11 août 2016 | Under Information, News | Posted by

The World Health Organization has today recommended a new test for TB which provides an alternative to sputum smears, often difficult to access especially in children. The WHO guidelines are available here. The full WHO press release is copied below: « Robust, rapid DNA-based test can serve as an alternative to sputum smear microscopy Geneva, 11 […]

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New DG of Nigeria Centre for Communicable Diseases

1 août 2016 | Under News | Posted by

TESS Development Advisors congratulates Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu on his recent appointment as Head of the Nigerian Centre for Communicable Diseases. Dr Ihekweazu is a medical document with a particular interest in epidemiology. His wide experience includes a focus on TB and other communicable diseases. He has undertaken a number of Ebola control missions before returning […]

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WHO Explores R&D and Medicines Pricing

8 juil 2016 | Under Information | Posted by

Addressing global, national or local health priorities requires us to be able to identify, count and diagnose diseases, prevent these whenever possible, treat those affected and prevent disease transmission to those who may be exposed. This requires a full functioning health system to be in place. For the treatment of disease, this also requires a […]

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Celebrating more progress in TB treatment

14 mai 2016 | Under News | Posted by

The World Health Organization has just approved a new, shorter MDR-TB regimen. This comes after the launch of new paediatric-appropriate TB drugs at the end of 2015 and constant work to improve case detection, treatment, routine monitoring and data collection on TB cases. See an extract of the WHO press release below. The full release […]

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WHO Announces New Director of Essential Medicines Department

12 mai 2016 | Under Information | Posted by

TESS Development Advisors would like to join the public health community in congratulating Dr Sue Hill on her appointment as Director of the Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products. Dr Hill is well known for her work on the Essential Medicines Lists, pharmacoeconomics, and of course her work in Australia at the Drug Regulatory […]

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UNITAID releases demand forecast for malaria medicines

25 avr 2016 | Under News | Posted by

UNITAID, the international funding agency focused on market information, fast-tracking access and reducing costs of new more effective medicines, technologies and systems for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, as just released to two reports on the demand for antimalarial medicines: artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs), artemisinin monotherapies and rapid diagnostic tests for malaria. The Global Forecast report […]

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