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Assessing markets for new paediatric TB medicines

14 oct 2015 | Under News | Posted by

TESS Development Advisors is pleased to share the the results of our study on paediatric TB markets. The article « Understanding Market Size and Reporting Gaps for Paediatric TB in Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan: Supporting Improved Treatment of Childhood TB in the Advent of New Medicines” by Renia Coghlan, Elizabeth Gardiner, Farhana Amanullah, Chikwe Ihekweazu, Rina Triashi, Malgorzata Grzemska and Charalambos Sismanidis was published in PLOS One yesterday, 13th October 2015. To access the full article go to:

The study focuses on reporting gaps for paediatric TB cases, the potential under-estimation of the paediatric TB burden and the impact on market sizing for new medicines. The study assessed reporting rates in a total of 119 facilities in Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan. It found a total of 985 unreported diagnosed pediatric TB cases, which when annualized translate to 2% – 15% of each country’s reported pediatric TB burden. Further, only 12% of facilities provided age and sex-disaggregated data, highlighting the difficulties in confirming, tracking, and classifying pediatric TB. The article suggests the need to capture diagnosis and treatment data from non-NTP facilities as a high priority in scaling up availability of new pediatric treatments.

For more on this work, see our case study on medicines for paediatric TB, with the TB Alliance